This one and its duplicate are mine.

Taipan Godship

God-jumped to Domitus to check out the new Sapiens and a few seconds later the game crashes.
Occurs with every reload of this sav.

EDIT: The two crashes 15 minutes later are also mine. Sav available.
2nd EDIT: Lot more crashes occurring. All show similar output. The most I have played is about 20 minutes before crashing.

relanat 21 Jul 2021:

Added the debug log. Many crashes and restarting a game nearly always crashes again within seconds. This is a game breaker for me.

ferdinand 31 Jul 2021:

Experiencing the same crashes with similar debug.log output.

relanat 20 days ago:

Just tried 1.9b4 on a Windows 7 machine. It ran for half an hour with no crashes. Might be a Wine problem.
FWIW the crashes occur when running Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS and Wine 5.0.2.

george moromisato 19 days ago:

What's strange to me is that the stack trace in Debug.log looks like a logic error. I.e., we're not calling the OS inside OnObjDestroyed (I don't think) so I don't know how it could be a Wine problem.

One possibility is that there is a memory corruption or a buffer overwrite bug in the code and it manifests differently on Windows (the corruption is in a different place, so it doesn't crash).

relanat 19 days ago:

Did a bit more testing.
Downloaded a fresh version of 1.9b4 on the Windows machine. Loaded the crashing sav file attached above. The game did not crash; I left it running on autopilot until the ship ran out of fuel many minutes later.
On the Linux machine:
Tried the same sav above and it crashed within seconds.
The sav also crashed when played in the fresh download of 1.9b4.
Got a crash in EP (the EP version was copied from an existing game).
Also got a crash in the Director's Cut adventure (ditto).
Got a crash in a fresh download of VOTG. It took longer but I suspect this is because there isn't quite as much NPC destruction in VOTG (yet) as there is in SOTP based adventures.

On thing I have noticed is the crashes always seem to involve NPC ships and/or stations, but not ones targeted or destroyed by the player. The crash log always seems to point to stations or ships elsewhere in the system.
Maybe non-player code somewhere?
Is there some sort of distance measurement involved in NPC object destruction code? Proximity to the playership?
Or do non-player objects get any data recorded when they destroy another ship?

The crashes also do not occur in the intro screen. Many ships are destroyed there in a short time.

relanat 41 hours ago:

Added this code to the Taipan mod and did some testing. 'TestingDebug.log' attached. I can't see anything that helps except the crashes are occurring before OnGlobalObjDestroyed runs.
Of note is this event appears to be running twice, there are two sets of output for every object destroyed. EDIT: This only happens with the Taipan.

	(block Nil
		(if (neq aDestroyReason 'enteredStargate)
			(block Nil
				(sysSetPOV (objGetPos aObjDestroyed))
				(printTo 'log (cat "Name: " (objGetName aObjDestroyed)))
				(printTo 'log (cat "Reason: " aDestroyReason))
				(printTo 'log (cat "gSource: " (objGetName gSource)))
				(printTo 'log (cat "aDestroyer: " (objGetName aDestroyer)))
relanat 38 hours ago:

I'm starting to think that ships with 'guard' orders are triggering the crash.
Nothing conclusive and I don't understand the debug output but in the second section 'objName' is always a ship class that guards 'm_Objs[0]'.
Enuming the ship orders on all friendly ships in a system to be 'gateOnThreat' greatly increases the time before a crash occurs.
I did this in EtaCeti and the crash output showed Centurion heavy gunship and Rogue Fleet Cache, a 'guard' type and the enemy Centurion orders could still have been 'guard'.

Watching the POV changes backs this up. Although the crash object never gets shown, if multiple enemies are attacking a station the game can crash and show that station and the attacking ship type in the output. The assumption is that several enemy ships are destroyed before a 'guard' ordered ship destroys one.

But I don't think every ship destroyed by a 'guard' ship triggers the crash, not sure. Will test more.