I would like to see civilian vessels upgraded with level-appropriate equipment as random traffic. We have all seen the large trails of freighter wrecks in high-level systems. They are destroyed with one or two shots by enemies near the stargate and clutter the screen without leaving any desirable loot.

An easy way to start implementing this would be add more of the level-appropriate ships available for purchase in local shipyards to the random traffic tables. This has already been partly done, which I appreciate.

It would also be enjoyable and make sense for the freighter traffic to have some cargo, though that is a somewhat separate issue.

George mentioned on the stream that 1.9 will be a snazzy milestone release with a higher price, so I think this is a great time to fix this longstanding issue. It has bugged me since I started (I think that was 1.6) and for me it makes the vanilla game feel unfinished.