0xabcdef 8 Jul 2021:

Missions should provide disposable mining weapons

megas 10 Jul 2021:

The weakest excavation pod dropped inside the Marauder Stronghold then detonated can kill it in one shot.

relanat 18 days ago:

Maybe check the playership weapons (and wingman/auton weapons?) for mining ability and if lacking add text "We need this stronghold destroyed but you need mining weapons to kill it."
Possibly only if no other missions can be created.

megas 18 days ago:

It can check for pods too in addition to weapons.

If I have an excavation pod, I am dropping one to one-shot the stronghold. More convenient than installing a mining weapon if I did not plan to mine for ore or grinding away with conventional weapons and spare missiles despite reduced damage. If the station has a shop, maybe it can spawn a few excavation pods for the player to buy.

Excavation pods are lame at their intended job of mining ore, so use them for the only job they are actually good at, which is insta-killing Marauder Strongholds.

0xabcdef 18 days ago:

Let's say you can ask the station to provide you some miners, so all you have to do is fight off the guards and distract the station guns.

jeremmt 16 days ago:

That being said, you can still kill these stations without mining weapons, it just takes a lot longer