I believe this is a regression in 1.9, but I'm not sure.

nms 24 days ago:

Actually, it should really only care whether the intercept point is in the fire arc. When the fire arc is narrow, the target and the intercept point will often not be in the arc at the same time. Ideally, this would apply to automatic targeting too, but that could mean calculating intercept points for a lot of possible targets. You'd want to narrow them down somehow first (maybe just using a wider cone?).

george moromisato 24 days ago:

@nms: Agreed--I've edited to reflect that!

Fixing auto target to check for intercept point makes sense. It probably wont happen this round, but I agree we should do it.

The main problem with auto target right now is that we only pick a single auto target, regardless of the number of weapons the player has. Ideally, we should pick separate auto targets for launcher and primary, since they could have different properties. Same for any linked fire weapons.

nms 24 days ago:

Also, it's probably worth firing at the limit of the fire arc if the target intercept point is only a little outside the arc, though maybe it should prefer an auto-target if there is one with an intercept point in the arc.