This would be useful for ships with WMD weapons to pummel an enemy station while their mothership drives-by.

(More wishlist) If ships can target, then turn and fire at missiles, they can be handy as anti-missile platforms as well. (I tried missileDevice="true" for a device slot, but it does not work with non-omni, forward-only weapons; that is, ship will not turn towards missiles and shoot at them.)

A criteria field that dictates acceptable targets would be ideal, although something that enables targeting stations (in addition to ships) instead would be okay.

george moromisato 6 Jan 2021:

Good idea; not sure how hard criteria field is, but I'll take a look.

george moromisato 11 days ago:

In 1.9 Beta 4, you can call: (shpSetAISetting shipObj 'targetsStations True) to tell ships to target stations. Should work for all orders.