It's hard for players to determine the relative merit of various weapons, shields, etc. We propose improving the item display UI to show more relevant stats. See the attached image.

The core design is as follows:

  1. Show a single number that represents the relative strength of the item. For weapons, this might by DPS; for shields it might be some combination of HP and regen.
  2. Show appropriate stats with a bar indicating the item's stat relative to other items of the same type. For example, we show a Fire Rate bar for weapons in which howitzers score low and fast-fire laser cannons score high.


The primary stat for weapons should probably be DPS (damage per second), potentially scaled. We show the damage type underneath the stat.

In addition, we show the following stats:

  • Damage: The damage per shot in hit points. The bar shows damage per shot relative to standard damage for the level. For example, if standard damage for a level 1 weapon is 8 hp and the weapon does 8 hp, then the bar is in the middle.
  • Fire Rate: The number of shots per second. The bar shows fire rate relative to standard rate (~4 shots per second).
  • Range: The maximum range in light-seconds. The bar shows range relative to standard (60 light-seconds).
  • Power Use: The amount of power used (in MW). The bar shows the power use relative to standard power use for the level.


The primary stat is a combination of maximum hp and regen rate. Perhaps something like the number of hit points it can absorb at the standard fire rate.

In addition, we show the following stats:

  • Max HP: Maximum HP. The bar shows maximum relative to the average for shields at this level.
  • Regen Rate: Regeneration rate. The bar show regen rate relative to standard.
  • Power Use: The amount of power used (in MW). The bar shows the power use relative to standard power use for the level.

Note: We continue to show damage resistance stats as before.


The primary stat is hit points, possibly adjusted by resistance.

In addition, we show the following stats:

  • Mass: The mass of the armor.
  • Regen Rate: For regenerating or powered armor, we show this stat.
Item Stats Study.jpg
Item Stats Study.jpg
derakon 3 days ago:

Just spitballing, maybe armor's primary stat could be effective HP vs. same-leveled damage types, as compared to the average for armor of that level?

george moromisato 3 days ago:

@derakon: Good idea! Will try that.

relanat 3 days ago:

Showing the range for weapons would be awesome. Very helpful.

Not sure if the Fire Rate and Power Use need a bar.
More Fire Rate is better, full stop, so any comparison won't mean much? But the fire rate should definitely be used in the calculation of the relative strength number.
Same with Power Use. Generally you can either power a weapon or not depending on your reactor. A comparison doesn't seem to mean much.
But I haven't thought it through so YMMV.

A bar for the WMD value might be handy.

megas 3 days ago:

With limited slots, WMD is one of the most important stats on a weapon. Non-omni energy weapons are useless once matter weapons with significant WMD become common.

Also, shield recovery is important for shields (fast recovery is a big hit on the balance algorithm), although few standard shields deviate from the standard twelve seconds.