In Rigel Aurelius, right after accepting the mission to rescue Mr. Katami, I flew out of the area fast.
Kate's cruiser did not follow that fast and is now trapped inside the arena. It tries to escape, but always bounces of the wall flying in a diagonal way except flying straight south towards the arena exit.

mage2069 25 May 2020:

Savegame attached (

mage2069 25 May 2020:

The problem seems to be the position of the Black Market station in relation to the arena exit (see screenshot attached).

Kate leaves the arena first, but then tries to fly to the Black Market station and re-enters the area again. In there, she gets stuck.
(See attached file "")

ferdinand 28 Feb 2021:

Still happens in 1.9 beta 3 No way to finish the arena mission because of this.

ferdinand 4 Mar 2021:

After leaving Rigel, I came back later, Kate was no longer in the Arena, but when docking with the Arena from nowhere she called me to destroy the Molotok.
Went to the Black Market, But no Kate..
Destroyed the Molotok, Kate did not come to destroy the Black mmarket...
Docked with the Black Market and they gladly installed a smugglers hold for me.
Tought I heard a familiar voice cry in the distance coming from a very dark and sinister part of the station....

erwgd 17 Jul 2021:

Still happens in 1.9 Beta 4 as well. Kate keeps bouncing off the southeastern wall inside the arena.