I attempted (plyIncStats gPlayer 'asteroidsMined …) within an item's OnUpdate event, only to realize that sort of function does not exist for non-item stats.

There is (plyGetStats …) and some functions that let player set few stats, but not one that lets the player set any stat, like .asteroidsMined.

megas 4 May 2020:

For my particular case of increasing asteroids mined during an item's OnUpdate, I used an ObjDamage call with a dummy attack on the asteroid's position to proc the intAsteroidOnMining function. It works, but not without the side effect of "No resources found" spam. Feels like a clunky hack or loophole to increase a player stat (of .asteroidsMined) without a (plySetStats gPlayer …) function.

george moromisato 11 May 2021:

Try (plyIncSystemStat gPlayer 'asteroidsMined)

Sorry, I should have replied to this sooner!