Credit and many thanks to Zeke for mentioning this.

The "Load Game, Continue a Previous Game" action in the Intro screen is in the same position as the "Send game to recycle bin" action in the 'load saved game' screen. This unfortunately can lead to games being deleted by an accidental double click on "Load Game". I have done this many times.

Click on the upper part of the DVD icon of the "Load Game" action in the Intro screen. On entering the saved games screen the mouse is over the "Send game to recycle bin" action. An additional accidental click will delete the first saved game.

albegadeep 10 Feb 2020:

I just had this happen - while reloading after being killed by the Iocrym command ship! AUGH! Is there a way to undo?

albegadeep 10 Feb 2020:

Figured out how to undo - when the game says "recycle bin", it's the Windows recycle bin. Copy the deleted game(s) to the Transcendence/Games folder. Deleted games are (username)-(number).sav

Adding an "Are you sure?" dialog box to this delete-game feature would be a good idea as well. But the delete-game feature itself is useful - it let me finally remove several games created during mod testing.

george moromisato 4 Apr 2020:

Reworded to "Send game to Windows Recycle Bin" to make this more obvious.

relanat 1 Jul 2020:

Assuming only a reword of the "Send game..." icon this isn't quite fixed.
The problem is that a game can be deleted by an accidental double click and the player may never know. Bad UI IMO. The double click seems to be 'remembered' in the next screen and instantly deletes the game.
A couple of fix ideas.
Move one of the icons an inch to the side. This would prevent a double click from working.
Make the effective area, the clickable area, of the "Load game" button only the bottom half of the icon. Remove the ability to click on the top half of the CD image at the top. Then the second click would 'miss' the "Send game to..." icon which is thinner.
Remove the key memory on entering the 'saved game' screen so the second click doesn't activate anything (if this is what is happening). Or have a 1/10 second delay before a click works in the 'saved game' screen.
Or something like that so a game cannot be accidentally deleted,
Hat-tip to forum member @bus draiva for their forum post mentioning this.

megas 1 Jul 2020:

Delete game should not be at the same location as load game. This is worse than double-press I to shatter friendlies in the game in earlier versions.

Swap positions of delete game and back buttons if there is nothing better.

george moromisato 1 Jul 2020:

I've fixed the double-click problem in 1.9 Beta 2 (my build). We ignore double-clicks for that button.

relanat 14 days ago:

Resolved. Can't accidentally delete games now (1.9b3).