When selling at a station, not all items in your cargo hold are visible—only the ones that the station is willing to buy. We need to explain this to the user so they are not confused about where all their cargo is.

Example: I look a damaged recoilless but when I go to sell it, it doesn't show up in the list. What happened to it?

We could solve this by showing tabs on the selling screen. The first tab shows all items that the station wants to buy. The second tab shows all other items in your cargo hold. If the list is empty, we should have appropriate text (e.g., "You don't have anything the station wants to buy", instead of "There are no items here.").

Alternatively, we show all cargo items in the list. The ones the station wants to buy are sorted to the top. The remainder are grayed out.

derakon 4 Dec 2019:

Would it be sufficient to have a line of text somewhere that lists the criteria the station uses to determine what to buy? E.g. "This station buys luxury goods, medical supplies, ore, and undamaged, non-exotic, non-military equipment." I guess it's a bit of a mouthful for the less picky stations, but it might be easier to implement than having multiple tabs, while also being more clear to the player *why* they can't sell a given item.

george moromisato 4 Dec 2019:

@derakon: Yeah, I think that would be better. Some of that is shown in the galactic map, so why not show it when selling too?