Affects the weapon regardless if it has maneuverRate defined or if it was granted the +tracking enhancement.

Can look bad when some of the particles do not flow with the rest of the particles, especially when there are no enemies to track.

george moromisato 2 Dec 2020:

I can't reproduce this. I tried adding maneuverRate to PK25 and it seemed to work fine. Do you have a mod I can look at?

megas 3 Dec 2020:

No mod necessary, other than to add tracking to weapons.

What I did to reproduce.

Move ship north and let it drift.
Rotate ship to face left or right.
At this point, ship should be drifting north while facing left or right.
Fire weapon.

For most weapons, like laser cannon, the shots drift north with the ship.

For cloud weapons that fire all particles in one frame, like PK25, the cloud does not drift north with the ship.

For multiframe cloud weapons that fire all particles over several frames, like Iocrym Fracture Cannon, the particles fired in the first frame do not drift, but the rest fired in the following frames do.

One more note: Without tracking, clouds drift north with the ship. Once tracking gets added to the weapon, the aberrant no-drift behavior described above can be observed when there is no target to track.

george moromisato 12 May 2021:

Thanks, your notes helped me to reproduce the problem. Fixed in 1.9 Beta 4.