After the destruction of the Korolov station in Charon by the pirates, I took the map rom from the lifeless hand of the sole survivor...

Avenging the destruction I started by destroying all the strongholds first. This also led to the destruction of several pirate frigates, and lo and behold, next to the last stronghold there was the Kronosaurus, together with another Frigate and three Drake's. The battle was long and fierce, but eventually I was victorious.

So that left just the Fortress of the pirates, that was only 118 ls away from the ruins of the Korolov station. Getting there I docked with the destroyed Korolov station and to my surprise, it was crowded with cheering people, and the korolov director was there as well, all in my honour...
Some guy named Volkov was there as well, he wanted to join me to the core.
So I got a wingman, I undocked from the station, and immediately docked again. Everybody was gone. Only destruction was left. Ghosts???

Screenshot from 2018-12-16 21-20-58.png
Screenshot from 2018-12-16 21-20-58.png
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Screenshot from 2018-12-16 21-21-24.png
george moromisato 10 May 2021:

This is a little tricky to fix, so I'm deferring.

  • Currently, the Kronosaurus mission can get assigned from a destroyed station. But if I change that, then you'll never get the Kronosaurus mission from Charon.
  • Ideally, you shouldn't get the success text until the station is rebuilt. But then we have to deal with getting the mission on a different system with a destroyed Korolov station (which may not get rebuilt).
  • But the above is still hard because the Korolov station in Charon is replaced by the rebuilt one, which means we'd have to move the mission somehow (change its ownerID).
  • Even then, I don't think the RPG mission framework deals with multiple missions succeeding (one success will get shown, then you'll have to redock to see the second one).

The long-term fix will have to deal with all of the above.