The Arcology is a bit different. As it is composed of 12 smaller segments it is more difficult to handle than "single" stations.

During a future update of this station possibly some consideration could be given on how to access the Arcology using code.

A couple of examples from modding.
The arcology appears as 12 segments in sysFindObject lists using criteria to find friendly stations. Having one station somehow represent the whole assembly would be good.
Although the hero image can be used, some method of getting an image description for the entire assembled station would be a useful feature.
And having the docked ships of every segment available from some central point would also be good, rather than having to append the ships from every segment into a single list.

A current example (1.8b2) is the Arcology being known in the galactic map but the station being unknown on entering St. Katharine's star system.

In general, some way of being able to treat the entire assembly as one station would make code more streamlined.
But the individual nature of the segments will also need to be accessed for some code.
And I have no ideas on how to do any of this! :)

EDIT: See also

2nd EDIT: (1.8b3.3) Highlighting the Arcology using 'objSetShowAsDestination' with the 'autoClear' option shows a highlight at the center of the arcology (over the planet) but this doesn't cancel when the player enters visual range.

And the 'autoClearOnDock' option isn't canceled by docking at any of the segments.

Using either option doesn't show the usual directional indicator and name at the edge of the screen when the player is out of visual range.

nms 20 Aug 2018:

The "actual" arcology (for the purposes of dockscreens, missions, inventory, etc.) is a single virtual station you can find with (sysFindObject Nil "TNV +stKatsArcology;"). But some of the issues you mentioned are inconvenient.

relanat 14 days ago:

Resolved. St Kats is now one non-virtual immutable station made up of seven satellites. Thanks.