Korath pods will play a "Nice shooting!" message when the player destroys an enemy. Possibly not intentional but it also gets a bit crowded when you have more than a handful of messages filling the screen. See image. Maybe disable that somehow?

Also if they are launched when the player has targeted an object they will attack that object until they expire (or the enemy dies). This is good when an enemy is targeted but can lead to them attacking a dead station instead of live enemies. Suggest the targets that are to be attacked are only active objects.

They also have the ability to follow the player through stargates. Not sure if that was intentional, but it is nice!

korath pod chatter use.JPG
korath pod chatter use.JPG
george moromisato on 9/11/2018 12:15 AM:

Fixed in VotG 1.0 Alpha 6. Removed messages and fixed it so we don't try to attack dead stations. [Still allow them to follow the player through stargates, however.]