If you destroy the Tundra leading the second attack fleet the Sandstorms break formation and attack Point Juno independently.
Unfortunately some of them will continually attack from within the Point Juno station perimeter. Meaning the playership weapons fire won't affect them but damage Point Juno instead. And the Centurion guards can't damage them either as they would be firing on the station.
This often results in one Sandstorm that can't be destroyed because it is circling/drifting about within the station perimeter while attacking. This can continue for many minutes and the mission can't be completed as the Point Juno dockscreen is "..we just have to mop up now.".

Possibly due to the new larger Point Juno image. It was also happening in 1.8a4a. Can the minimum attack radius for the Sandstorms be increased somehow? Or have them gate out after a length of time if the Tundra is destroyed?

george moromisato on 5/10/2018 4:17 AM:

Fixed in 1.8 Beta 2.