From the 03/15/18 stream:

 Regarding the 'multiShot property: I know the intent was for it apply to all weapons with multiple points of origin for each shot — dual weapons, most alternating weapons, and so on — but I’m not sure weapons that have multiple shot directions from the same point of origin — the laser cannon array or Moskva 33 repeater, for instance — should be included in that. In the Manticore’s case, it would look just fine for all three shots to originate on the port “claw.”

megas on 3/16/2018 1:10 AM:

It would be nice for spread weapons to originate from normal primaries. Same thing for dual weapons whose origins are placed very close to each other (4 pixels or less) so that they can plausibly fit in a normal primary.

assumedpseudonym on 3/20/2018 5:02 PM:

 A multiShotOverride="true" in the <Weapon> tag to specifically except a weapon from 'multiShot status isn’t a bad thought, yeah.

assumedpseudonym on 4/1/2018 11:34 AM:

 In the meantime, I’ve been using this to check weapons with single shot point-of-origin:

(block (aeWeaponConf aeWeaponMulti)
	(setq aeWeaponConf (itmGetProperty gItem 'configuration))
	(for aeWeaponCheck 0 (subtract (count aeWeaponConf) 1)
		(if (not (eq (@ (@ aeWeaponConf aeWeaponCheck) 0) (@ (@ aeWeaponConf 0) 0)))
			(setq aeWeaponMulti true)