1. On Mazian, start OneDrive.
  2. robocopy the primary arcology volume to the OneDrive folder (under the Arcology director) using the /MIR option (use /L to test).
  3. Create an appropriate EC2 instance and EBS volume. The default instance volume is too small, so an additional EBS volume is required.
  4. Make sure the EBS volume is attached and mounted to the instance.
  5. Wait for Mazian to finish uploading its files.
  6. Install OneDrive on the instance.
  7. Sign in to OneDrive and let it synchronize the Arcology directory.
  8. Install Hexarc (make sure config.ars is correct).
  9. Allow Arcology.exe to go through the firewall.
  10. Shutdown Hexarc on Mazian
  11. Once again, robocopy from Mazian to OneDrive to get any last minute files.
  12. On the AWS instance, wait for OneDrive to sync
  13. robocopy OneDrive to the arcology volume on AWS
  14. Run Hexarc on AWS
  15. Switch over the IP addresses on CloudFlare
  16. There may be some thrashing as the Arcology updates its backup directory (see: https://ministry.kronosaur.com/record.hexm?id=77151)
  17. Test the system to make sure all is working.