The info which shows on the Gal map in debug mode is excellent. Thanks for that, the nodeID in particular is very helpful. It would be good if the system level was displayed as well.

george moromisato 17 Jan 2019:

Fixed in 1.8 Beta 5.

Note: You have to turn on the option in the debug console:

  • F9 to bring up the debug console.
  • Type (dbgSet 'showNodeInfo True)
relanat 19 Jun 2019:

Errr, re-opened because I made this harder to use by requesting the system level be shown. Oops, apologies. The debug console wasn't available in the galactic map when I thought of this.

To get the system level then we had to remember the node ID, exit the galactic map, call up the debug console and then use sysGetLevel on the remembered node ID.

Currently to get the level to show, the 'showNodeInfo property has to be set to True every time the game is loaded. This is quite time consuming when mod testing.

A couple of ways to make this better that I can think of:
1. revert to the previous behavior since the debug console is available in the galactic map now. Then the player can just click on the system, get the node ID and then use sysGetLevel in the debug console.
2. have the 'showNodeInfo value saved in Settings.xml (I think this is how it works) so it only requires setting to True once when the game is first loaded. Then all further games will show the info automatically.
3. or have 'showNodeInfo default to True unless set to Nil by the player.

It was very useful having the info show all the time previously.

relanat 19 Aug 2019:

Resolving again because it only took me 2 months to work out that this code does it automatically if you include it in a mod. Sometimes I really wish I had more than the slightest idea of what I am doing!

	(dbgSet 'showNodeInfo True)
george moromisato 26 Aug 2019:

@relanat: You aren't the only one. If I'd thought of it, I would have suggested it too!