It should be possible to run AeonDB separately from the arcology in order to perform unit tests and other operations. This article is a spec for implementing such a feature.

  • Mode to run AeonDB locally, pointing to a storage location.
  • Command-line shell to interact with the database.
  • Safety checks to makes sure we don't stomp on a running arcology.
  • Optional support for running a batch file?

Console Mode

Use the /console switch to start AeonDB in console mode. A path on the command-line indicates the storage location to use. If none is specified, we default to c:\Arcoloy.

aeondb /console c:\Arcology

We can implement partly inside CArchonProcess. We parse the command-line in AeonModule.cpp and if we find the console switch, we call pass a appropriate flag when booting the module. CArchonProcess will then start a separate console thread which will send messages to the engine as appropriate.

Note, however, that we will have to parse the storage location in AeonModule.cpp and pass it to the engine ourselves.