When reading the information in the First Contact Monument, selecting Done does not leave, but shows the last text again. Only pressing Esc works to leave.

relanat on 1/15/2018 3:03 AM:

StKatharines.xml, stIocrymMonument.

It's a glitch from when the dockscreen was changed from 'Action name=' to 'Action id=' format in 1.8a2.

In the <Information> pane both 'actionInfoLearn "What did we learn?"' and 'actionLeave "Leave"' have the letter 'L' as the highlighted action key. So when you press 'L' the game always uses the first action instead of exiting.

On line 959 the code is
<Action id="actionLeave" cancel="1" key="v">
The key="v" could be removed.

Some options:

Change the action key in 'Text id="actionInfoLearn"' from 'l' to 'd'. It would then be "What [d]id we learn?". Simplest and leaves 'L' as the action key for 'Leave' throughout the monument.

Change the action key in 'Text id="actionLeave"' to 'v'. This text id is also used in the First Contact Pub screens though. Although this should work, IMO leaving 'L' as the action key in the Pub screens would be preferable. Convention is to use the first letter if possible. 'S' is the only other action key in the pub screens, "[S]it at the bar", so no conflict there.

Have a separate 'Leave' action id for the Information pane which uses 'v' as the action key (eg <Text id="actionLeaveInfo">"Lea[v]e"). This would return the action key to 'v' which is what it was before the 1.8a2 update, while the Pub screens retain 'L' as the action key for 'Leave'.

george moromisato on 2/20/2018 2:51 PM:

Thanks @relanat! Fixed in 1.8 Beta 1.