More intro screen features

Current status

  • No active bugs or errors
  • No pending commits

New Events

  • OnGlobalIntroStarted: Fires on all types when the intro system is created. If the POV is changed as a result of firing the event, then the intro screen skips auto-creating ships
    • This allows mods to introduce customized intro screens
  • OnGlobalIntroCommand: Fires on all types when the player inputs a string beginning with ~ in the ! input box.
    • aCommand: The command that was entered, excluding the `~` from the original input.
    • The goal of this feature is to generalize the ! ship class input box into a quick function input menu.

New Intro Keys

NOTE: Uppercase and lowercase keys may have distinct bindings.

  • I and i now bring up help text for intro screen key bindings.
    • EDIT: This binding was changed from h to I and i
  • K now destroys ALL ships
  • N now cycles to the previous ship class
  • S now toggles combat sounds (silent by default)
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