This is a problem with The Stars Beyond in particular, where you can hear explosions as the game is created.

This also happens if stargate effects are used on game creation, like gating in ships; &efStargateIn; could be used on game start in Vault of the Galaxy if this is done, which I think would look better.

assumedpseudonym 4 Jul 2017:

 Actually, the explosions heard during system generation with The Stars Beyond active are due to Wolfy replacing Vanilla’s Centauri-occupied stations, using (objDestroy st Nil) instead of just (objDestroy st) — see also: Odd behavior in objDestroy. I mentioned it to Wolfy shortly before posting the ticket. (Also, at least on my computer, it makes TSB games almost completely unplayable outside of doing so in debug mode with noFullCreate="true" in Settings.xml due to crash issues.)

george moromisato 21 Jul 2017:

I'll investigate. Easiest fix would be to suppress sound during creation, as suggested. But I want to see if there are other problems going on.

george moromisato 20 days ago:

In 1.9.3 we suppress sounds if the system is not visible.