So I just found out about the TLisp shell in TransData and have been using it to check on bits of code instead of running it from inside the game itself, and have I found a weird one for ya, George. Here, try running this in TransData:
(enum (typFind 's) aeCheck (if (neq (typGetDataField aeCheck 'name) (typGetProperty aeCheck 'name)) (printTo 'console (typGetDataField aeCheck 'name))))
 Depending on what mods or expansions you have installed, you might get a pretty lengthy list, but even straight-out-of-the-box vanilla yields the following:

Sapphire-class yacht
EI500-class freighter
Wolfen-class gunship
Sung transport
freighter Forking Paths
Deimos-class destroyer
Xenophobe worldship
Xenophobe ark
Ventari destroyer
Hurin-class destroyer
Tripoli-class destroyer
Marauder raid platform
Urak destroyer

 Common thread? They all have a reactor installed. In fact, (typGetProperty UNID 'name) gives you the name of the reactor instead of the ship.
 Oddly enough, typGetDataField works normally. Even more oddly, running the same thing in Transcendence itself returns simply nil since (typGetProperty UNID 'name) works the way it’s supposed to in the game itself.
 …And yes, I sort of expect fixing this is going to be way down at the very bottom of the list of things you need to fix, heh, but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t report it. ^.~

george moromisato 25 Oct 2016:

Fixed in 1.7 Alpha 3. Same problem as this: