When the Smart Spiders and Arrays mod is enabled (link to the mod below), the Naginata ship in The Backroads is unusable. When TBR tries to install items onto the ship at the beginning of the game, the game generates errors, keeping the player from exiting the installation dockscreen.


The problem is in TBR code from the file AE-AA09-TBRPlayerships.xml, line 1048 (accessed 2016 March).

(enum (objGetItems gSource "*U") aeInstall (shpInstallDevice gSource aeInstall)) tries to install anything in the ship's cargo hold, generating an error if the hold contains anything that isn't installable.

I fixed this by adding <MiscellaneousDevice/> to the "box with the faded label" item in my mod, which is given to the player at the beginning of the game but was formerly not installable.

A more robust fix would involve changing the TBR code for the Naginata playership.

NOTE: I have not yet uploaded a fixed version of my mod, so you can replicate the error by downloading the current March 28 alpha release of Smart Spiders and Arrays from Xelerus.

EDIT: The April 17 update of my mod includes the fix, so I uploaded the old March 28 version to this Ministry post.

d064_SmartPatchSpiders 0.27 alpha.zip
assumedpseudonym on 4/23/2016 4:54 PM:

 …Right. Needed to fix code to not tell the game to try installing non-devices. It was not originally designed with the expectation of other mods throwing stuff into the hold on game startup. Should be good to go for the next update I push through. Good catch, that. Thanks.

gunship256 on 5/6/2016 11:52 PM:

Thanks for the fix!