The <OnCreate> event for Luminous drones should include code to charge their shields up — (shpRechargeShield gSource (shpGetShieldDamage gSource)) — after their shields have been chosen, added, and installed.
 EDIT: Goron ships that get their equipment changed up on creation suffer from this, issue too.

Why shouldn't a newly built ship start with shields at zero? When the player installs a new shield it has to charge from zero too.

assumedpseudonym 21 Apr 2016:

 Ares ships spawned from shipyards start with shields at full — presumably the ships are kept in the dock until they’re actually combat ready. Same for ships spawned as escorts for Marauder raiding platforms. You would expect Luminous, who is supposed to be vastly more intelligent than humans or neo-humans, to follow similarly sensible behavior.
 In this case, though, I’m talking about the <OnCreate> event in particular. Ships start with full shields on the intro screen, for example. Due to the way the Luminous drone is coded, it does not. (Goron ships might suffer similar issues, now that I think about it, but I haven’t specifically noticed or checked those.) (EDIT: They do.)

assumedpseudonym 3 Jul 2017:

 Luminous code has been fixed as of 1.8a2 (or probably earlier, but who’s counting), but Goron code still needs tweaked.

nms 27 Aug 2017:

Yes, I fixed it for Luminous, and just committed a fix for Gorons.

george moromisato 3 Mar 2018:

Merged Goron fix from @NMS into 1.8 Beta 1. Thanks!