This is most noticeable for any ship with Omsk armor and shields. To most easily illustrate this, have Intro Screen Damage Indicators (from my utility mod pack — ) active on the intro screen, invoke it by typing “damage” in the ship selection input box, and then call up Anton Nasser. His shields start out at roughly one-third of max HP.

george moromisato 6 May 2016:

Really cool to see intro-based extensions. I had not seen that before.

assumedpseudonym 9 May 2016:

 Probably related: Hull plate ionizers (and other shields whose maximum hit points are dependent upon armor condition) start out having to charge up from zero.

assumedpseudonym 10 Mar 2018:

 Fixed as of 1.8b1.

assumedpseudonym 14 Feb 2022:

 This needs fixed again.