I've noticed that if transcendence doesn't have enough memory to load a ship's graphics, it becomes invisible.
Really big 120 facing ships will frequently cause this.

I really think we need 64bit Transcendence.

assumedpseudonym 21 Mar 2016:

 Can confirm. I’ve only had it happen when running on a Windows computer, but can confirm.

george moromisato 6 May 2016:

64-bit Transcendence is definitely a possibility.

Another possibility is to compress images in memory. That might buy us some more time. But I agree that 64-bits is the ultimate destination.

ferdinand 2 Jun 2020:

Also happens on Linux when running transcendence on wine.

64-bit would be great, that would enable dumping all 32 bit dependencies for wine. A lot of linux distributions are no longer distributing 32-bit packages. Some of them (like ubuntu) making some exceptions for Wine and Steam, but eventually those will go as well. Leaving only 64-bit support.

wolfy 16 May 2021:

Due to the size increases of stations, in the process of the TSB re-rendering, I now have an over 2.4GB in-memory ship (when 360 facings), as the ship (VSS Anaconda-class) was made to be big enough to carry the station components for construction in one trip

wolfy 16 May 2021:

Also the kerning on the font for ministry results in 2.4 looking like 24 in the previous comment