They automatically spawn facing the target's direction, ignoring the fire arc's limits and any angles in the configuration.

This is an extremely annoying glitch since it breaks the balance of a number of ships and projectiles in TSB since they suddenly gain far more targeting power than ever intended.

george moromisato 7 Feb 2017:

I believe this is fixed. Or at least, I could not reproduce it.

I tried a Freyr with a SmartCannon, and it correctly honored the Freyr's swivel arc. For example, when trying to shoot a target behind me, it shot forward at the max range of the swivel arc and maneuvered around.

If you're still having this issue, please include a weapon (or ship class) that reproduces the problem

arkheias 7 Feb 2017:

It seems entirely possible to me that this issue might not happen with a ship based min-max firing arc but could still happen for a device based min-max firing arc.

It doesn't seem like you tested the second case.

assumedpseudonym 9 Aug 2017:

 From the look of it, what George did here was to test on a ship that uses <DeviceSlot> code, but not fire arcs defined the actual <Device>. I borrowed and modified the Charon frigate and came up with this example:

	<ShipClass UNID="&scAELovecraftFrigate;"
		manufacturer=		"Charon Pirates"
		class=				"Lovecraft-class"
		type=				"frigate"
		defaultSovereign=	"&svPirates;"

		attributes=			"capitalShip, charonPirates, charonFrigate, genericClass"

		size=				"120"
		mass=				"7500"
		cargoSpace=			"1000"
		thrustRatio=		"2"
		maxSpeed=			"18"

		explosionType=		"&vtKineticExplosion4;"

		<Names definiteArticle="true">
			pirate ship Mormo; pirate ship Cthulhu; pirate ship Yig;
			pirate ship Bokrug; pirate ship Chaugnar Faugn; pirate ship Nug;
			pirate ship Yeb; pirate ship Ghatanothoa; pirate ship Shaurash-Ho;
			pirate ship Gloon; pirate ship Hastur

		<!-- Configuration -->

			armorID=	"&itAdvancedReactiveArmor;"
			count=		"12"

			<Device deviceID="&itSmartCannon;" secondaryWeapon="true" minFireArc="45" maxFireArc="45" posAngle="43" posRadius="29" posZ="0"/>
			<Device deviceID="&itSmartCannon;" secondaryWeapon="true" minFireArc="315" maxFireArc="315" posAngle="320" posRadius="32" posZ="0"/>
			<Device deviceID="&itSmartCannon;" secondaryWeapon="true" minFireArc="135" maxFireArc="135" posAngle="118" posRadius="25" posZ="0"/>
			<Device deviceID="&itSmartCannon;" secondaryWeapon="true" minFireArc="225" maxFireArc="225" posAngle="238" posRadius="25" posZ="0"/>

			maxRotationRate=	"4.0"
			rotationAccel=		"0.25"

			<Compartment name="interior"
				hitPoints=	"100"

			<Compartment name="main drive"
				type=		"mainDrive"
				hitPoints=	"50"

				posX=		"-52"
				posY=		"0"
				sizeX=		"26"
				sizeY=		"42"

			<Item count="2d6" item="&itHelium3FuelRod;"/>
			<Item count="5000" item="&itSmartCannonShell;"/>

		<!-- Image and Effects -->

		<Image imageID="&rsCharonFrigateImage;" imageWidth="140" imageHeight="140"/>

			<Effect type="thrustMain"		posAngle="171"	posRadius="67"	posZ="0"	rotation="180"/>
			<Effect type="thrustMain"		posAngle="180"	posRadius="66"	posZ="0"	rotation="180"/>
			<Effect type="thrustMain"		posAngle="-171"	posRadius="67"	posZ="0"	rotation="180"/>

		<!-- AI and Behavior -->

			aggressor=			"true"
			fireRateAdj=		"50"
			fireAccuracy=		"90"
			perception=			"4"

 The weapons should be firing in fixed directions more or less outward toward the corners, but ignore the fire arcs entirely. Just pull one up on the intro screen to see what it’s doing. (Unrelated, but it looks like the weapon mount points aren’t symmetrical on the Charon frigate?)

wolfy 21 Feb 2022:

This still isnt fixed :(