The description of the Burak launcher implies the Uzun targeting scanner is available to add target tracking to missiles. However, it does not appear to be implemented

xephyr 12 Sep 2016:

Should be able to define all missiles as "tracking" with maneuver of "0", and have the Uzon scanner define the maneuverability as an enhancer device, I think, I think.

george moromisato 15 Feb 2017:

This is not as easy as I thought, unfortunately, so I'm going to defer until 1.8

The CMissile class looks at the weapon fire descriptor to decide whether to track or not. Since the weapon fire descriptor is fixed (part of the design type), we can't change it at runtime.

Instead we probably need to do the following:

  1. Add tracking parameters to CMissile itself. It's initialized from the weapon fire descriptor, but can also be modified at runtime (even after the missile is launched).
  2. We probably need a type of weapon enhancement that adds tracking to its shots.
  3. When firing a projectile, we check the weapon enhancements and set the tracking parameters on CMissile.
george moromisato 1 May 2018:

Added +tracking enhancement in 1.8 Beta 2.