Occurs when they are changing orbits, they do not start firing until they are around 70%-50% of their range. I know this because of a battle between Adamant's and HEL's

I believe that with planetary defenses, ship wings will pick a specific spot on the planet or satellite orbital to begin their firing cycle but will then continue to fire at any target of the same defense type that comes into range. In ship-ship combat, wings often seem to pick a target wing and only fire on that wing, even if other units are in range.

One possibility is that missile range describes the absolute distance traveled through space by the missile rather than the relative distance between the fleet and the target when the missile is fired. These two distances are the same for a hitscan weapon like cannons but are not the same for a projectile that travels slowly. When two wings are also moving relative to one another in different orbitals, the effect is pronounced; wings are not smart enough to start firing at a wing that will close to be within range missile range and could be hit by fired missiles before the wing is "actually" in missile range.

Tested Adamant jumpcruisers at total cost parity against Minotaur gunships with no other units present. ~30400 Adamants jumped in and attacked ~22200 Minotaurs orbiting at 15Mm. Reported space forces were in the 6000-7000 range for Adamants and >30,000 for Minotaurs (I know space forces need to get recalculated).

Oddly the Adamants arrived below the Minotaurs, possibly because the world was the same sovereign as the Adamants. The Adamant wings all appeared to target the same cell in the same wing at the same time, while the Minotaurs attacked Adamant wings pretty evenly. Adamants closed to within <10Mm before starting to fire, before opening back up to ~15Mm. Minotaurs only took about 3000 casualties.

The combat visualizer shows a lot of "overkill", missiles going beyond a destroyed target or not impacting against anything because their target was destroyed after they were fired. If this is really what is going on, maybe projectile speed could be increased by like 10-20x to reduce this?

Something is screwy with missile targeting and missile-equipped ships, and it hasn't been fixed by increasing missile-equipped ships' range. Jumpcruisers were intended to be a strong counter to gunship under the revised sysetm, and the Adamants had a numerical, armor and damage advantage but suffered a humiliating defeat which I attribute to poor missile targeting and performance based on what I saw.

Final combat message was "imperial forces attacked by {other empire name}", although I initiated the attack.

george moromisato 10 Mar 2017:

I believe this is fixed in the latest deployment. Please re-open if you still see this.