Multiple repeatable crashes so far.
One was a "Windows has encountered a problem and has to close".
Two was a freeze. The game just stopped running and froze on the screen. Had to 'force quit'
Next one displayed the crash screen with debug output.
Then an attack did not crash but I ended the game.
Last one was another freeze.
These correspond with the last 4 games in 'Curator Crash Debug.log' and the one game in 'Curator Crash 2 Debug.log'.

All happened while attacking the two Curator outposts near the planet south of the star.
For the last two games I had the autons 'wait' away from the outposts and attacked alone.

Needs the 3 Broker mods in the 'Broker' folder as well as EP, CC and NS Connector.

UPDATE: I kept playing this game, avoiding those Curator outposts, and left the system. I keep getting crashes. All involve fighting hostiles.
A "Windows has encountered a problem..." crash would not generate any error details. It just froze with a '...please wait..." message.
Another crashed straight to desktop.
Attached "More debug.log" with details for these crashes.

Curator Crash Debug.log
Curator Crash 2 Debug.log
More debug.log