It's currently possible to have a stargate spawn in the middle of nowhere. Depending on how large and/or sparse the system is, there may be a very large area for the player to search, or little to no traffic for them to try to follow. This can leave a player having to grid-search an entire system for a gate, burning a lot of time and fuel and not generally having a good time in the process. We've seen this on stream a few times.

We should make it possible to reliably find these stargates, either by detecting hidden gates and dropping nav beacons or asteroids near them to give something that shows up on the map or by adding some mechanics that players could use to find them (system maps do not count: they are finite and players don't always have them when they hit a system with a gate that isn't reasonably possible to search for). That could mean rumors (though that doesn't reliably work if there's a system with no friendly location to give you those rumors), ship systems, or tweaking traffic systems to create gate-to-gate traffic that could be reliably followed by a player. It doesn't have to be immediately easy, but it shouldn't pose a potentially impassable barrier to folks.

Currently...this isn't a massively common issue, but it can take upwards of ten minutes to find gates sometimes. That's a real barrier to newer players, and a reliable run-killer for speedrunning the game.