It would be nice to have a standardized mechanic for this in the game so that each mod doesn't have to make custom ways of handling this

digarw 12 days ago:

Actually we need to do major change on ship configuration screen first. It doesn't really optimized for larger ship so we need to do overhaul on them. And also current layout still have issues to take consider of.

wolfy 10 days ago:

Relatively small ships with internal HP require this separately (ex, the crate ship in TSB, or the subcapital playerships)

For full size capships, a WHOLE lot has to be done, but thats an even bigger task than just fixing the UI, there is a lot of balance and gameplay stuff that has to happen too

digarw 9 days ago:

I see. I don't know where best to put Hull-slot for repair though. I would suggest it should replace shield slot and shield moved to misc device tab instead so it would be hull and armor tab. But probably will confusing player as they often see armor and shield as one category (defense).

relanat 4 days ago:

A separate dock services screen which showed the individual Compartment sections as 'slots' would work (Easy to do?).
Having the compartment 'name' available automatically or via code would be handy too.
I haven't modded for a while but being able to alter the hp of each compartment via code would be a really good feature. I think currently only the total hull hp can be altered via code.