Played Manticore few while back. I personally feel this ship is suck in terms of special traits even in latest Beta unlike Constellation or Freyr which is fine as it is. Statistically weak, having crippling penalty on shield, yet having unusual weapon placement making them a bit harder to aim. The setup is also generally bad despite Novaya repair device is good repairer. Brute force specialization does not fit with this ship. But I have an idea to make it better. This might require overhaul on device slot though.

So, the idea is to allow Manticore have ability to built dual weapon from single-mount weapon. Let's just say we installed a turbolaser and heavy recoiless cannon on Manticore, then we can shoot them both at same time like dual weapon. This will increase combat capabilities on Manticore.

But the challenge come with "What happened if we installed three or more weapon on our Manticore?". I'd say perhaps there is special slot that placed in launcher slot. Player can install any weapon on launcher slot and this secondary weapon automatically linked on main weapon. This linked secondary weapon cannot be switched to other weapon, while the main weapon still can. With this, we can shoot two weapon at same time and able to built wide variety of setup in Manticore. We can use SAR/10 and TeV9 at same time, or we can create super gun from two fusionfire. This should only work on single mount weapon and not anything such as dual, omni, etc. (But my wild imagination tells me to say "allow it"; imagine we can use two IM90 multitarget! :D)

Of course, this mean we cannot install missile launcher if we installed secondary weapon. However, this will leave interesting choice whether player want to have a ammo-intensive launcher or should they install two strong howitzers but power hungry on their ship.