Two savs attached which won't start. Also the relevant Extensions folder.

sav 1479 gives an "Unable to load evD789CommandersLog (d78911d2) because its type changed." error.

sav 7559 give an "Unable to read design type: d78911d2" error.

Both games had over 50(?) systems explored in the Network Extension galaxy. Other smaller games load and run fine. Never seen this error anywhere else. Possibly the size of the game is causing the problem, both saves are of similar size.

I overwrote the Commanders Log mod with an identical version in case the existing version was corrupt but these games still wouldn't load and new games were fine.

Needs CC,NS and EP.

EDIT: I have had another "Unable to read design type: d78911d2" error. Possibly these errors are related to the electric power to the computer cutting out as I am saving or quitting the game causing an incomplete save.

2nd EDIT: Three "Unable to read design type: d78911d2" errors now. Sav files available. The last one had nothing to do with loss of computer power. My gut feeling is this is caused by the large amount of data kept for stations in the type data 'logGet/SetStations' but there is no evidence of this, just a hunch. In the Type UNID 'evD789CommandersLog' this only runs in <OnGlobalPlayerLeftSystem>. Not sure if this event runs as the game reloads - unless the error occurs as the game is saved on quitting and only shows on reloading.
As time permits I will split the events into different UNIDs so it can be traced a bit more but it takes a long time to play the game long enough to get to a stage where the errors occur. All part of the fun apparently! :)